Individual Therapy

Expert Help to Solve Personal Challenges

A calm, safe, and positive space to explore and change the roots of suffering in your personal life

Couples Therapy

Counseling for You and Your Partner

A safe space for couples to address relationship issues, foster understanding, and enhance communication

Group Therapy

Shared Healing through Group Work

A supportive space to examine personal and relational problems with people who can relate to your pain

Children & Adolescents

Specialized Support for Children and Adolescents

A protected space for children and adolescents to explore their emotions and navigate life challenges

Clinical Supervision

Specialized Supervision for Psychotherapists and Psychologists

A space for mental health professionals to enhance their clinical skills with an experienced supervisor


The Path of Wisdom

Traditional analysis for those who seek to go beyond relief from suffering in search of self-awareness

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule an appointment with you?2023-05-05T19:32:23-04:00

It’s very easy. You can choose a suitable time that is also open in my calendar through this page [appointment page link]. The first session will be for getting acquainted and evaluation, and it will be free of charge. This is a short session (about 30 minutes) in which you will tell me what you want, why you are contacting me, and how I can help you. I will also ask you some questions to better understand what you are looking for and decide whether online psychotherapy is a good option for you and whether I am the right person to help you. In this session, you can also ask any questions about me and my work, and decide whether you are interested in working with me or not. If, at the end of this session, we both agree that online psychotherapy is suitable for you and I am the right therapist to help you, we will schedule and plan the subsequent sessions.

I have never had psychotherapy before, how can I prepare for my first session?2023-05-05T19:45:39-04:00

There is no need to worry about “getting ready” for the first session or any future sessions. The most important thing for you is to feel comfortable and be yourself, openly discuss the challenges that led you to contact me, and ask me any questions you may have. Remember that our sessions are not for me, but for you: you have hired me to help you have a better life. This requires your interest and open, honest communication for learning and change. The most important thing you can do is to be willing to change, and to talk openly, even when faced with aspects of yourself and your life that you may be less interested in seeing and discussing. So the short answer to the question is: you don’t need to prepare for anything except facing what you are looking for.

How much does it cost?2023-05-05T19:52:54-04:00

My rate for individual sessions is $150. The rate for couple sessions is $250, and the rate for other sessions with more than one participant, such as group therapy or corporate counseling, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Considering the current economic situation in Iran, this rate will be different for those seeking counseling from Iran. If you are contacting me from Iran, we can decide on a suitable rate for you individually and on a case-by-case basis.

I also set aside a limited percentage of my hours for offering counseling based on a discounted “sliding scale” rate system, in which some hours are set aside for those who cannot afford the full fee. These discounted rates are only for those who cannot afford the full payment. If you think you need to apply for the sliding scale, please contact me and explain the details of your situation. Please note that I can only dedicate a limited number of hours per week to this plan and, even if you are eligibile, I may not be able to fulfill your request.

How will I make payments?2023-05-05T19:47:23-04:00

Simple. You can use various methods to send your payment, including Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, and direct bank payment. If necessary or preferred, you will also be able to pay your fee through cryptocurrency. If you need to pay with cryptocurrency, I prefer to accept USDT, but if necessary, I will also accept transactions through Bitcoin and Ethereum. We will discuss and plan the amount and method of payment in our introductory (intake) meeting.

Can I pay for my consultation through my insurance?2023-05-05T19:43:12-04:00

No. I, along with many other psychoanalysts, refrain from working with insurance companies. In any case, accepting insurance coverage is not practical, especially for working with individuals abroad or outside the state of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, psychoanalytic psychotherapy is considered an elite service, and due to its nature, many people who genuinely need this service are left without access. This is a distressing reality, but given the current patterns of wealth, access, and privileges, it is not easily solvable or changeable. For example, the current global political and economic situation has deprived many people living in Iran of various services and privileges. As mentioned before, I try to create some fairness in this unjust market system by offering special discounts to fellow Iranians living in Iran, or by providing a sliding scale fee structure, but I am well aware that the level of need far exceeds what I or any other individual can offer.

Can I have in-person sessions?2023-05-05T19:42:19-04:00

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in 2020, I have shifted my psychotherapy practice to exclusively online meetings. Since then, I generally do not have in-person meetings with patients. However, particularly after the decline in the prevalence of the disease, there is the possibility of in-person meetings in exceptional cases (i.e., temporarily, not permanently) where an in-person visit is deemed essential.

What platform will we use for the sessions?2023-05-05T19:41:00-04:00

Answer: My preferred platform is currently Zoom, which I use through my account at Harvard Medical School, and there is also the possibility of using Google Meet, especially considering the specific situation in Iran, in special cases. However, as previously mentioned, depending on the needs and reasons, and in specific cases, I am open to using other platforms. If you need to meet through a different platform for any reason, please let me know.

Will what I say remain confidential?2023-05-05T19:39:50-04:00

Yes, definitely. Conducting psychotherapy, especially psychoanalytic therapy, is only possible in a situation and environment where you feel completely safe and secure. Maintaining the confidentiality of what you tell me is one of the most fundamental elements of our work. This means that what you tell me will remain only with me. For this reason, we always strive to improve the security of our communication methods using the latest and safest available platforms. Currently, I meet patients through Zoom and Google Meet, but in specific cases and if needed, meetings can be held through other platforms as well.

I have a question that has not been answered here; please tell me how I can ask you?2023-05-05T19:38:35-04:00

You can contact me using the contact form [click here to go to contact form], or by sending an email directly to Sadeq_Rahimi@hms.harvard.edu to discuss your question. You can also directly contact me to request an appointment.

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Information on Discount Options

Please note that a number of special discount options are available:

  • Early Payment Discount. If you choose to pay for a number of sessions in advance, as the number of prepaid sessions increases, the cost per session will decrease.
  • Special discount for residents of Iran. Considering the unstable economic situation and the severe decline of the Rial in the Islamic Republic, it is clear that paying the full cost in dollars for friends who live in Iran is very difficult. For this reason, a special discount will be offered for residents of Iran. Please note that limited hours are set aside each week for this special discount, and if these hours are full, it may not be possible to offer them in some weeks.
  • Referral discount. To encourage the expansion of this service, whenever someone joins psychotherapy through your referral, a special discount will be offered to you.
  • Sliding Scale Discount. A limited number of hours each week are dedicated to the so-called sliding scale method, in order to accommoadte those are are in great need of help but unable to pay the full fee. Please note that these are a limited hours, and despite your eligibility I may not be able to offer a slot on this scale, depending on the number of requests.

Please ask me for more details if you are eligible for any of these discounts.

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